1. Dying Light's New Battle Royale-Style Mode, Bad Blood, Release Window Announced

    Dying Light developer Techland has announced a release window for the series' new battle royale-style mode, Bad Blood. The mode will launch as a standalone game on PC via Steam Early Access this September, with its Global Playtest beta kicking off later this week.
  2. Transference Demo Available Today for PS4, PS VR

    In Transference, the minds of the Hayes family are trapped in a corrupted simulation, and you’re their only hope of escape. The full experience launches on September 18, but all of you PlayStation owners out there can get an early taste of this psychological thriller with a free demo, available exclusively on PS4.
  3. Far Cry 5's Zombies DLC Gets New Trailer And Release Date

    Far Cry 5's next expansion, Dead Living Zombies, will launch on August 28, Ubisoft has announced. The expansion sees players meet up with "D-tier" film director Guy Marvel who has a number of ideas for an "epic zombie saga." You will play seven different "film scenarios," which are maps made using Far Cry 5's Arcade Editor tools.
  4. New Rainbow Six Siege Operators For Operation Grim Sky Detailed

    Rainbow Six Siege continues to expand, and it will soon do so once more with Operation Grim Sky. The new DLC drop adds two new Operators, Maverick and Clash, and reworks an old map. Now, Ubisoft has finally revealed all the details of the Operators.
  5. Pokemon Go Adding Celebi Next Week

    Pokemon Go players will soon have a chance to add another Mythical Pokemon to their collections. Niantic has announced it is kicking off a new Special Research questline in the game next week, beginning August 20, and those who complete enough of the tasks will be able to encounter the Time Travel Pokemon, Celebi.