How does the EXP reward work for nimbus V3.1?

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    Hi guys, can anyone walk me through how the exp reward tool works on nimbus V3.1?

    Like when do you click on ‘set exp reward’? When you’re in the main lobby, or just before the game starts?

    Also for this specific tool, do you need to be host? If so is their any ‘easy’ way to force host?

    NOTE: Also the remove party limit thing doesn’t really work? I mean it allows you to to start the search, but when the count down timer goes to 1 it just cancels, if you search with say 7/8 of the lobby full, it searches but it doesn’t find anyone else to pair up with? Anyone else had this problem and got it to work?

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    You should set exp before you start. Yes you need to be host. If you want to force it, you will have to find another mod that will force it, or DDOS the current host. You could try Astro 2 or an older version of Nimbus. Also the negative xp doesn't work. Try this tutorial for help! I haven't found an active mod yet. A lot of people ask me to either give exp because their account is in the hole or to bring it down. Which I cant actually do either yet. If you need an ip sniffer, I prefer RGHC. Its free! And very nice. Also if you want free stealth, PM me. Ive got my own private server. Here is the file for it. I will need to add you before connecting.


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