PsVita H-encore Hack released for 3.65 - 3.68

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  1. Cynder

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    So as of last night TheFlow released H-encore. It is a new exploit that allows you to run homebrew on your 3.65 - 3.68 fw PsVitas.

    If anyone is looking to do this, please click the sauce link below to get a written out tutorial. It is a little more advanced than the 3.60, but it is definitely doable.

  2. Zelkaar

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    Users, do keep in mind that this is considered advanced for a reason, if you're not good at following instructions to the dot then don't bother with this as you'll most likely only get problems.

    Also, as of right now, 3.65 Enzo and 3.60 Enzo are still the best and safest custom firmwares to run on your Vita, so if you have one of these don't concern yourself with updating until a safer version releases. Basically, you should only use this if you're 3.65+ official firmware. and are confident that you won't mess it up.
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